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2006-12-15 - Crownhill Releases QuickBlue Source Code to the Public

As of December 2006, Crownhill has released the QuickBlue Developer source code to the public.

and download detailed documentation, schematics, gerbers and source code
QuickBlue™ Family

The core of the range is a small-footprint PCB module comprising of a PIC™ microcontroller and Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth™ Chipset. A key feature is that the Bluetooth™ stack is embedded allowing the onboard PIC™ microcontroller to handle easy setup and configuration so that any existing RS232 can communicate wirelessly without the requirement for additional software to be written.

Priced extremely competitively, The complete portfolio comprises three products, which can be used to embed wireless capabilities in new equipment, or add cable-free connection to legacy hardware.

QuickBlue™ Link
A fully transparent serial to Bluetooth™ data link. Easily adds Bluetooth™ to your product without the need for Bluetooth™ design. The module contains full RF circuit including integral antenna and PIC™ microcontroller providing a simple to use, plug-in module with serial interface to the host application. Once installed, the module can interface to standard Bluetooth™ devices, e.g. Laptop computers, PDA’s, Mobile phones etc. Operating in slave mode, it initializes itself and waits for a remote device to connect.
QuickBlue™ AT
A serial to Bluetooth™ data link controlled using AT-style serial commands. The module contains all RF circuitry including integral antenna to ensure easy reliable interface to Bluetooth™ devices, e.g. Laptop computers, PDA’s, Mobile phones etc QuickBlue™ AT will operate in Master or Slave mode under AT command control
Top 10 reasons to use Crownhill's QuickBlue™ products
  • Quick and simple integration - We make Bluetooth™ work for you!
  • Faster and cheaper than some other solutions. Profit by selling wireless products next week instead of next quarter.
  • Complete subsystem. Includes CPU, radio, antenna, & firmware on one easy to use module.
  • High quality manufacturing.
  • Superior CSR based design for consistant performance.
  • Qualified Bluetooth™ component.
  • Custom firmware modifications are fast and inexpensive.
  • serial datato 115K.
  • High-performance PIC™ Microcontroller onboard available for end-user custom applications.
  • Lots of general purpose I/O data lines provide great flexibility and utility.
  • Technical Support Forum for PIC™ BASIC Developers
What is Bluetooth™?
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