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Bluetooth tools and Diagnostics

We recommend wi-spy.co.uk for the excellent Wi-Spy tool, that will enable the discovery of devices operating in the 2.4Ghz spectrum that may be causing interference and disruption to your Bluetooth link.

a collection other useful tools:

a collection useful / interesting documents:

Developer Tools

Microsoft has released a free, managed-class library for building Bluetooth-enabled applications and services for Windows CE and Windows Mobile based devices. The new library saves development time by reducing the native Bluetooth code from "hundreds of lines to just a few," according to the company.

Microsoft says the Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology provides a Win32 API wrapper that can be exposed in Visual Studio .NET or the .NET Compact Framework to reduce the amount of code needed for Bluetooth applications. The package includes the following components:

  • Classes to create Bluetooth services
  • Classes to enumerate Bluetooth devices
  • Classes to connect to an existing Bluetooth device or service

"Bluetooth coding to the native application program interface is extremely difficult, and having this source tool available will be very beneficial for the development community," noted Doug Boling, principal of Boling Consulting.

Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology are available in Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 versions. The tools are offered under a Shared Source license, which allows developers to customize and ship the code without any obligation to share the modifications with Microsoft, competitors, or the development community, according to Microsoft. The code is available for download here.

Top 10 reasons to use Crownhill's QuickBlue™ products

  • Quick and simple integration - We make Bluetooth™ work for you!
  • Faster and cheaper than some other solutions. Profit by selling wireless products next week instead of next quarter.
  • Complete subsystem. Includes CPU, radio, antenna, & firmware on one easy to use module.
  • High quality manufacturing.
  • Superior CSR based design for consistent performance.
  • Qualified Bluetooth™ component.
  • Custom firmware modifications are fast and inexpensive.
  • High-speed data rates up to 921K baud.
  • High-performance PIC™ Microcontroller onboard available for end-user custom applications.
  • Lots of general purpose I/O data lines provide great flexibility and utility.
  • Technical Support Forum for PIC™ BASIC Developers
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