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Crownhill's QuickBlue™ for quick and easy Bluetooth™ integration. This small-footprint PCB module comprising of a PIC™ microcontroller and Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth™ Chipset. A key feature is that the Bluetooth™ stack is embedded allowing the onboard PIC™ microcontroller to handle easy setup and configuration so that any existing RS232 can communicate wirelessly without the requirement for additional software to be written.

QuickBlue™ a serial to Bluetooth™ data link controlled using AT-style serial commands. The module contains all RF circuitry including integral antenna allowing connection to Bluetooth™ devices, e.g. Laptop computers, PDA’s, Mobile phones etc.


  • Maximum data rate approx
  • Controlled with AT Command set
  • Authentication and encryption.
  • Device discovery
  • Hardware flow control or no flow control.
  • Bluetooth™ error correction layer.
  • Class I Bluetooth™ radio, upto 100m range.
  • Integral antenna


  • Direct access to PDA’s, Laptops, Mobile Phones
  • Cable replacement
  • Bluetooth™ device control
  • Process Control
  • Robotics


We are now providing the Source Code from the QuickBlue Developer Edition for free. Get it here


Top 10 reasons to use Crownhill's QuickBlue™ products

  • Quick and simple integration - We make Bluetooth™ work for you!
  • Faster and cheaper than some other solutions. Profit by selling wireless products next week instead of next quarter.
  • Complete subsystem. Includes CPU, radio, antenna, & firmware on one easy to use module.
  • High quality manufacturing.
  • Superior CSR based design for consistant performance.
  • Qualified Bluetooth™ component
  • Custom firmware modifications are fast and inexpensive.
  • Serial data to 115k.
  • High-performance PIC™ Microcontroller onboard available for end-user custom applications.
  • Lots of general purpose I/O data lines provide great flexibility and utility.
  • Technical Support Forum for PIC™ BASIC Developers


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